Thanks for coming out.
She's perfect! I wish you all the best and hope to hear from you soon. Love, Robyn
Robyn Mabry <>
Austin, TX USA -
Congradulations, what a beautiful gift from God. You have a beautiful child and family. God bless, Debra
Debra Dolan <>
Edmond, ok -
Isabella is just beautiful! I love her middle name since mine is Marie as well. Enjoy every minute with her it will go by so very fast. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Love, Joell, Ethan, and Avery
Joell, Ethan, and Avery <>
Piedmont, OK -
She is a doll, you have a beautiful family take care and may God Bless you all Richley.
ivy yeahquo <>
Wow Isabella you are already famous. People from all over the US can't wait to see those cute pictures. You were right Steph she is absolutely beautiful. A perfect name for a perfect child. Just can't believe you named your little girl that before I got the chance :) My advice to her is to have her mothers cheerfulness but don't work for McBee :) and dont chase the ups man :) And my advice for you is to cherish every moment you have with her. Dont ever let her grow up to fast. Im sure you will be an amazing mother. And maybe some day you will make it to Ohio. You truly are one of my favorite sales reps and I'm glad you are back to work.
Catrina Wolfe <>
Athens, OH usa -
What an adorable little girl, Stephanie. Thank you for letting me see the pictures. You and your husband must be so proud. I'm glad you're back at work..we've missed talking to you! Have fun with your beautiful new baby. Congratulations!!
Carla Coffman <>
Glouster, Ohio -
She is so beautiful. We are so glad to have you back to work.
Sherrie M Rouse <>
crescent, OK -
Congratulations! She is a beautiful baby. Rachel forwarded the pictures to me. I'm glad to hear things are going so well!
Alaina Harrington <>
dallas, tx -
Congratulations. We are proud to have such a beautiful great-great neice.
The Schlossers <>
Vernon, Al -
Wow!! You two did a wonderful job. She is so beautiful. Congratulations!!
Wendi <>
What a gorgeous family!! Can't wait to see her and you two too. Much love, Don and Wanda (also sent to Robin)
Don and Wanda Mabry <>
keller, tx -
Congratulations you two! The pictures are great. Isabella is as beautiful as her mother. Hope to get a chance to see all of you soon. Take care of each other and of course Isabella Marie.
Woody & Marilyn Knox <>
Tulsa, OK USA -
Beautiful baby-Keep her away from her aunt Julie so she grows up to be a sweet kid. The best times are yet to come!
Rick Jones
El Reno, Ok -
Congratulations! Isabella is BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. Look forward to meeting her someday in person. Hugs to you and wishes for some sleep. Peace and blessings to all of you, Jonathan Levy & Family
Jonathan, Lisa & Kayla Levy <>
San Rafael, ca 94901 -
Stephanie, Congratulations. She is beautiful. You look great!! Glad to see things went well. Braden is looking forward to meeting Isabella in person. He says "She's Cute momma - when do I get to meet her??"
Debbie, Bryan & Braden Bickle <>
Tulsa, OK -
Isabella is absolutely beautiful! Stephanie, you make it look so easy! You have given me hope that my delivery will be that way! We should have a Baby Lykes within the next 10 days! Happy Birthday Isabella! Love Jeff and Kristen
Kristen Lykes <>
Loved the pictures. She's gorgeous! Mama Stephanie looks great too! I know your joy is overwhelming. God bless you all.
jane jackson
arlington, tx usa -
Great job, both of you. Ok, so when are you bringing Isabella to OSU? We're waiting to hold her...... Kevin
Kevin Reeder <>
Stillwater, Ok USA -
Congratulations Mr&Mrs. Bice. Parenthood is a Blessing from God Love and cherish the Blessing God has giving you.
L.A. Rivers <>
Congrats! Little Bella is a gift from God. We wish you all the joy and happiness a child brings....
Dana and Drew Avery
Edmond, OK -
Steph - She is gorgeous. I loved looking at the pictures....maybe Isabella and Christian can meet someday!
Lisa Rueda <>
Ashburn, VA -
Isabella, you should have seen your grandparents when they walked in the other evening after having been over to play with you! They were happiness and delight personified! Welcome to the world and congratulations to all your family.
Jackie & Dennis Trepagnier <>
Piedmont, OK -
Congratulations!! Isabella is beautiful!!!
Ron, Janette,Jenna and Kristin Schwarz
Stephanie, I've been thinking of you! Thank you so much for including me by allowing me to see these beautiful pictures. You look radiant and what a beautiful daughter! Congratulations!
Terri Kiesenhofer <>
Issaquah, WA 98027 -
Congratulation, she is beautiful and gorgeous.
Dr M A Asady/Dr Saba Asady <>
Toronto, On Canada -
Welcome to planet Earth sweet Isabella! I love you very much and I look forward to seeing you soon.
Joe Asady <>
New York, NY USA -
I know you're enjoying your sweet baby girl! I enjoyed all the pictures. Even though you're having fun with her, I know you're still thinking of McBee every day!!! We'll miss you til you return. Get some rest!!
Lynn Barrett <>
Plano, TX -
Beautiful girl... but she looks like a Sooner fan to me... You better nip that in the bud right now!!! Hope all is well with the whole family...
Leslie Malter <>
Kansas City, MO USA -
Congratulations!! I can see Grandpa Frank and Grandma Helen having a wonderful time with their new angel!! The best to the whole family!
Jim and Suzanne Oswalt <>
Oklahoma City, OK USA -
Congratulations! What a beutiful girl. May God bless you and your family.
Derek Albro <>
Alexandria, VA -
Congratulations! Waht a beutiful girl. May God bless you and your family.
Derek Albro <>
Alexandria, VA -
Isabella, I don't know your parents', but I know your Grandpa Bice/Frankers & I bet he will spoil you rotten (as he should). Congrats Frank & Helen, on your beautiful Granddaughter. Frank, you're surely going to make her a pilot aren't you!!!! ;-)
Jan Carver <>
Oklahoma City, OK USA -
Isabella. What a beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl. Grandpa "TK" was showing off your pictures at work, and enchanted all of us! You must come and visit in person! ~Ronnie Robinson
Ronnie Robinson <>
Norman, Ok USA -
Beautiful Belle, in just a few days you have captured the hearts of many. Your mommy use to tell me not to be over protective. Its hard when you love someone so dearly. Love Nana.
Nana <mrsdstny>
okla city, ok ok -
Looook, a baby. Get in my BELLY! ! ! Congrats Steph
Tim Thompson
Fort Worth, TX USA -
Congratulations to you both, she is a beautiful baby girl. Gef, time to start thinking about a Swiss boarding school.
Randy & Bethany Rogers <>
Dallas, TX -
Welcome to our world Bella! I don't believe I've have seen 2 happier people than when your parents look at you. My hope for you is that some day (when you meet the right guy) you'll experience the same joy & love I see in their eyes each time they look at the gift God gave them. You! My other hope is that they don't expose you w/too much "Cowboy" stuff. Remember, Sooners are #1 (those cowpokes have never been able to say that & probably never will-Gef!) Remember, if your mommie & daddy say no (to anything) come to Aunt Mo. (I'll always say yes). Lots & Lots of Love..... Aunti M
Wohoooooo ! 'Bout time too :) Very nice pictures all around - and a good looking family too. Welcome to the World little one. Just ignore Daddy's eccentricities if at all possible. And stop teaching her html already Dad! -Uncle Tumas
Frank Stevens <>
Indian Trail, NC -
Congratulations Stephanie and Gef! Isabella is beautiful! Good Luck!
Amy & Chris Pymm <>
Oklahoma City, OK -
Congratulations! What a cutie!! But she couldn't help but be beautiful with such good looking parents (and especially great looking grandma and grandpa Bice, too). We're awaiting our new arrival pretty much any day now (Kristen and Jeff's). Maybe they can grow up to be friends! Best to all--can't wait to see her in person.
Vicki and Jim Wewers <>
Edmond, Ok USA -
Congratulations, to you and your wife on the birth of a beautiful little girl. May she bring you a lifetime of happiness.
Michael and Beth Lord <>
Phoenix, AZ USA -
Happy Birthday Izzy-B! We've been waiting a long time to meet you and you're finally here! I can't wait to see what the future has in store!! I LOVE YOU!! -Aunt Julie
Julie Bice <>
Stillwater, OK -
Congratulations guys! We are happy and excited for you. May God bless your family. Good luck and best wishes!
Justin and Lyndy Mecklenburg <>
Southlake , TX -
Welcome to the world Isabella!!! May you have a wonderful and blessed life. Hopefully your daddy won't spoil you too bad:) Congrats to mom and dad you have a beautiful baby.
Becky, Chris, & Lacey Ann <>
Fayetteville, NC USA -
Congratulations on the new addition to your family and well wishes (and sleep!) to all!
Karl Nickels <>
New Paltz, NY USA -
What a beautiful baby. May God protect her and her family.
Max & Pat Schwarz <>
She'll be breaking hearts soon enough! May she be kind and let you guys sleep through a night in the near future. Give her a kiss for me.
Creigh Rahenkamp <>
Palmyra, NJ USA -
Isabella....finally, you're here! Welcome to the world. We've all waited so very long for you. Someday you'll know how very special your parents are and how special you are to them. Your entire family loves you very much...just wait, you'll see.
Grandpa & Grandma Bice <>
Isabella is such a beautiful baby. We are so proud of her--- our first great-grandchild. Love and congratulations, Stephanie and Gef.
Grover/Margaret Bice <GroverBice @>
Congratulations to Frank, Helen, Mom, Dad & family.
Dave Heaton <>
Congratulations!! Isabella is a beautiful baby and I know will bring you much joy. Thanks for sharing.
Garth & Carol Harris <>
Decatur, AL -
What a beautiful baby!!Congrats to you all. Sue and Nick
Sue and Nick Gales <>
Baby girls are the absolutely best kind to have and you got the top of the line. Lovely Baby, lovely Mom and sorta-cute Dad.
Carol Langston <>
Oklahoma City, OK USA -
Congratulations. You are right. She is a beautiful girl. Kent H.
Kent Hall <Kent>
Congratulations! I'm happy to see that mom and baby Bice are doing well. You have a beautiful baby girl!
David Gales
Oh my gosh, you are so beautiful, We can not wait to see you and your parents, god gave us an angel on earth and her name is Isabella. Love you all!! Aunt Marleen P.S. Give a hug to your mom!! I am so very proud of your parents.
Jeff, Marleen and Chance James <>
Trinidad, West Indies -
Ah Bella, you have arrived....and you are even more beautiful than anyone imagined! Happy Birthday!
Jeanine Pizor
You are such a cute little girl, and so fortunate to have the wonderful parents you have! God bless all of you, and good luck on this new life journey!
Bob & Kathie Heskamp <>
Oklahoma City, OK USA -
Isabella, you are a beautiful little baby. I bet your parents will take wonderful care of you. You are a lucky little girl. May God Bless All Three Of You.